Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is carbon black?

Carbon black is virtually pure elemental carbon produced by incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons under controlled conditions. Its physical appearance is that of a black, finely divided pellet or powder.

It is a common, essential product found in everyday products like tires, rubbers hoses, inks, and food related items, such as plastic utensils and travel coffee mugs.

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the co-product in our innovative process of carbon black production. It is non-toxic, non-poisonous and will not contaminate groundwater or contribute to atmospheric pollution. There are notable differences between hydrogen and natural gas or gasoline. Hydrogen is lighter than air and diffuses rapidly. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. An understanding of hydrogen and its behavior allows us to implement protocols and guidelines to handle it safely, which are factored into our design.

For more information about hydrogen, and safety codes and standards, see this Hydrogen Safety Sheet.

Nebraska Project FAQs

When does construction start?

We broke ground on the Olive Creek Plant near Hallam, Nebraska in October 2016. Construction activities at site are currently underway.

How will this project benefit Nebraskans?

This partnership with Nebraska Public Power District has the potential to create 600 new jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in new capital investment in Nebraska. It also provides Nebraskans with the opportunity to produce clean and affordable energy.

Together, we will be reducing pollution and making everyday items greener.

When are you expecting this project to be fully operational?

We are expecting initial production capacity in 2020 and full production capacity in 2021. Please check our Project Updates & Details page, which will be updated as progress is made.

When does hiring begin for the Olive Creek Plant?

Hiring has already begun, as we have a strong project team who has been working diligently since early 2015 on the plant’s design. Hiring will continue until the plant is fully staffed and operational in 2020. We anticipate having a staff of 50 employees to develop and run phase one of the manufacturing plant. From engineers to plant operators and materials handlers, we are creating a variety of jobs for Nebraskans.

?Please see our Career Opportunities page for a list of current job postings.

How do trades and contractors get involved with this project?

With the project currently underway, Monolith will provide more information as it becomes available. Our process will be transparent and allow qualified contractors the opportunity to become involved.

We encourage you check back regularly, and monitor our Press?page?and Nebraska Project page for up-to-date information.